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I'm a 27 year old composer and sound designer based in southwest germany.

Removed from the overall-trend I try to combine memorable melodies with sounds of self-restored and studio-modified analog tube synthesizers from the thirties, forties and fifties.

This page is also dedicated to these early synth precursors.


'imaginative and engaging, particularly with regard to melody'

Conrad Pope - Hollywood Orchestrator for Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Danny Elfman

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  • Vincent Tordjman (Montag, 03. Juni 2019 13:06)

    Daniel is both an amazing musician and tech. I never met anybody who knows so much about Claviolines and Ondiolines.

  • Paolo (Dienstag, 25. Juni 2019 15:30)

    i worked on Ondioline, Clavioline and Solovox and as a fan i can say that this site is fantastic and Daniel's has an enviable collection. He is doing a beautiful job to introduce these fantastic instruments!

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