Clavioline Synthesizer

The Clavioline is a tube-driven monophonic forerunner to the analog synthesizer. It was designed to be mounted unter an organ or a piano as the main melody instrument imitating strings, brass, woodwinds, organs, ethnic instruments and generating new experimental sounds. Connected with its powerful tube amp the instrument comes to life. Several models where built from the late 1930s into the 1960s by many different companies like Gibson, Selmer (London/Paris), Jennings (former VOX), Hammond, Maestrovox, Jörgensen, Farfisa, Seybold and Lipp.

Here's a small selection of my collection:

Electronic Modifications

Some of my Claviolines are modified for studio work.

Most of the old faulty electronic components have been replaced and tube-driven effect loops as well as analog LFO-filters added.

Multimonica - 1940s Tube Synthesizer and Harmonium

This rare instrument is a combination of a fan-blown reed organ with seven voices and a tube-driven monophonic sawtooth-wave analog synthesizer (ECC40, EZ41, STV75/15 stabilizer) produced by german company Hohner International GmbH in the 1940s and 1950s.

It took me weeks to get it back to life because of all the mechanical issues and the missing schematic.

Now it is in 'vintage mint condition' and usable as an inspiring instrument.

Electronium - 1950s Accordion Tube Synthesizer

The Hohner Electronium offers really authentic and organic orchestral voices like brass, strings and woodwinds but also wonderful theater organs. It astonishes me how detailed these 'high-ohm' tube oscillators can imitate all the diverent types of instruments with their specific characteristics.

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